Policy – Absences

Existing extracurricular activity conflicts i.e. music/tutoring class schedules

Allegiance RG Academy operates on a term-by-term registration basis and not class-by-class. Breakdown of fees on average per class is for reference purposes only as arrangements are made in advance to source our Gymnastics Australia accredited coaches according to class registration numbers for each squad.

A full term fee is charged regardless of number of lessons attended.

Exception for new students, who may have existing conflicts in schedule:

  1. before registering to attend for a term; and
  2. who are not able to attend any catch up classes within the same term we will help deduct the lessons from the next invoice as a one-off special circumstance consideration.

Allegiance RG Academy is not otherwise able able to cater for ad-hoc attendance of lessons due to clash in commitments or short notice of non-attendance on the day due to class capacities.

If sickness and related absence is for an extended unforeseen period (e.g. due to Covid-19 positive or injuries sustained during training session) documentary evidence is required in support such as PCR test results/doctor’s certificate and a refund will be issued for up to a maximum of 4 classes.

In returning a member registration form you agree to honour your daughter’s commitment to each scheduled training session during the term.

We currently have a waiting list to join Allegiance RG Academy for 2023 and recommend avoiding clashes in arrangements if possible in order to maintain a position in our RG National Development Squads.